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About Me

Trixie Ayson

I can be one or the other. I’m a romantic but also try to be a badass. Growing up in a small country like the Philippines, watching movies and MTV were my escape. I remember fondly those late hours just dreaming of projects before I go to bed. It’s like dreaming but with your eyes wide open. Now living in Los Angeles and considers the world as my playground, I get inspired on every single thing. Being mindful of my surroundings and the moment inspires me. A song that I will just listen to can inspire thousands more ideas out of me. Passion and relentless search for something more are what drives my craft. Your story, your vision, I try to hold it in my heart trying to be in your shoes on what you would want to see. I find it very oddly satisfying when my client tells me that they crying tears of joy after watching my film, it means I did my job well because it made him/her get back to the moment that was very special.

I graduated with BS in Marketing Management in De La Salle University, got my film production certificate from Marilou Diaz-Abaya Institute, and currently taking my MFA in Film at ArtCenter College of Design Pasadena.

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Based in Los Angeles, Available Worldwide

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